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The Shot that Started
it All

Tuaca came to us looking for a campaign to attract a younger crowd.  By harnessing the power and humor of the Internet, and merging the rich history of Tuaca, we birthed a brand story for this blended Italian liqueur to build awareness and brand love amongst a younger demographic. 

Art Direction, Copy






The Story

During the Renaissance, people knew how to have a good time. They would go out with their friends and share epic night after epic night all fueled by a mysterious liquid called Tuaca.


Tuaca doesn’t just come from an era well known for decadence and debauchery. It was the cause of it. And though the years have gone by and things have changed quite a bit. Tuaca is still at the center of any epic night.

Reintroducing: Tuaca- The Shot that Started it All.

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