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Gift Better

After dull gift-giving moments in 2020, everyone wanted to go big on gifting this year. Teaming up with award winning comedian and host Loni Love, we launched a social campaign and positioned HomeGoods as the go to store for more thoughtful giftgiving.

Campaign Development / Art Direction






Gift Better - Loni's Gift Tips

We launched the campaign on HomeGoods Instagram and TikTok channels with this lighthearted and relatable video offering tips on how to "gift better" this holiday season.

Virtual Shopping Session with Loni Love

With the social campaign, we gave a few lucky people the change to have a virtual one-on-one shopping session with Loni Love.  During these shopping sessions, Loni was in store, providing gifting advice and even hand selecting memorable gifts for even the hardest to shop for.


We held two sign up windows with 18 shopping sessions, and slots booked up within the first 5 minutes of launching. 

The Activation

The Buzz

347,859,312 Impressions

(+13% above KPIs goal)

The Launch

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